Double bed service

A double bed should be considered one of the most important parts of every couple’s bedroom. People spend different amount of money to buy a double bed according to different points. Bridal bedding should be considered among the most expensive models of bedding. The reason for this is that Russians pay a lot of attention to home appliances and like to have the best models for themselves.

The components of the bedroom set for 2 people
The double bed service or the bridal bed service includes different parts. You should know that depending on the model, some options may be added to the items mentioned in our list, but usually the components of the 2-person bedroom suite include a double bed, nightstand, dressing table, mirror, wardrobe and pouf.

Double bed dimensions
A standard double bed set is usually made in different sizes. These dimensions depend on the customer’s wishes and many other things. But if we want to check the dimensions of the double bed according to the suitable mattress, we must name the following three types.

Double bed (Full Size)
Full size mattresses are actually mattresses that are 200 cm long and 140 cm wide. This type of mattress is used on beds with the same name. This type of double bed is one of the relatively small models of double beds and they are very suitable for small rooms.

Double bed (Queen)
Queen mattresses are made for beds with the same name. These beds and mattresses are usually 200 cm long and 160 cm wide. You should know that many people consider queen size beds to be the most suitable size for bridal bed sets. Because these beds are neither too big nor too small. This will increase comfort.

Double bed (King)
A mattress of the same name is used on king beds. This double bedroom service model should be considered the largest standard double bed model. These beds are 200 cm long and 180 cm wide. Usually, people who like to have a lot of space on the bed, have high mobility during sleep, and people who are heavy use these beds.
In general, you should know that a double bed is between 140 and 180 cm wide. The height of the bed is made according to many points, such as the model and the customer’s request, and it can be 35 to 55 cm.
You can see the types of balsa classic and neoclassical double bed sets in the balsa products section and learn about the price, dimensions, sizes and other details. With the classic models of the double bedroom set, you experience the spirit of strength and power in a relaxing environment, and with the neo-classic double bedroom set, you bring a sense of freshness to your home.